The Model T E-Timer
An Electronic Timer for the Model T
E-Timer Specifications

E-Timer  Specifications 

Typical Performance 

Operating Voltage:                6, 8, 10 or 12 VDC
Operating Current, average:  0.3A Idle, 0.5A 1500RPM
Ignition Timing Accuracy:    +/- 1 degree
Maximum RPM:                    4000
Ignition Coil Inductance:        3mH
Operating Temperature:        -25C to +125C

E-Timer ATA Timing Curve and Typical Cylinder to Cylinder Timing Accuracy

E-Timer performance compared to stock ignition systems
(From: "Model T Ignition System Performance Comparison" by Tom Graham and Charlie Volkening) Download the article here

 The E-Timer Test Set - Used to test each and every E-Timer to ensure performance

The E-Timer test set is programmed via laptop computer for 6, 8, 10 and 12V operation.  Performance testing includes monitoring engine RPM, ignition timing, cylinder to cylinder timing error and coil charge time (dwell).  The test set is capable of simulating engine operation from 200 to 4000 RPM.  Volt and Amp meters monitor the test voltage and coil current.  A timing light provides a visual indication of ignition timing operation.  The timing light can be programmed to monitor each cylinder independently or all cylinders at the same time.


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