The Model T E-Timer
An Electronic Timer for the Model T
E-Timer Features

The Model T  E-Timer  Electronic Ignition
The E-Timer is an electronic ignition for the Model T that replaces of the original timer without any modification to the car. 


·         Percision Ignition Timing Control For Your Model T
­Fully electronic ignition - No mechanical contacts
          No critical points adjustments, periodic maintenance or replacement
          No condenser replacement
          No mechanical Timer contacts to align, wear out or replace
          Works on 6V, 8V, 10V or 12V Battery (Dead Mag? No problem!)
          A single hot first spark precisely timed every time without ever a concern of "double sparking"
          Simple installation and operation

·         Installs in Place of Standard Roller, Anderson or New Day Timer
­        ­  NO modifications to your car or car wiring

ü      Uses original coils

ü      Uses original wiring

ü      Points still vibrate and buzz

ü      Restore to all original simply by replacing timer


·         Precise and Consistent Ignition Timing

­        Eliminates “hit or miss” surging and jerking

­        Experience aggressive acceleration and smooth driving even at low speed

­        Enjoy more horse power; per dynamometer test data

   Better hill climbing capability

­       Greater efficiency, less battery drain

­        Programmable timing modes

ü      Automatic Timing Adjustment - Set and forget spark lever adjustment

ü      Manual Timing Adjustmnet - Driver is responsible for spark lever adjustment as usual


Price: $499.95

Click here to download E-Timer installation instructions

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