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An Electronic Timer for the Model T
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                                                                     Model T  Electronic Timer
          E-Timer Patent Issues:  US 8,662,058 

     The patent pertaining to the E-Timer issued on March 4, 2014.  Folks interested in learning all about the inner workings of the E-Timer can download a copy of the patent here.  

     The E-Timer is an Electronic Timer for the Model T housed in an original timer case.  It uses the original coils and original wiring without any modifications to the car or wiring.  The coils still vibrate and buzz providing the sound and appearance of stock operation but performance is remarkably improved.  Ignition timing is manually controlled by the spark lever as usual or can be set to provide Automatic Spark Advance (ATA) that frees the driver from the burden of continually adjusting the spark lever for optimal power as engine speed changes.  Enjoy smooth, efficient engine performance regardless of engine RPM in ATA mode without touching the spark lever.  Best of all, the E-Timer uses modern non-contact Hall Sensors to precisely detect CAM position so it is completely maintenance free. Imagine never having to clean, lubricate or replace the timer ever again.  Never replace or adjust coil points ever again either.

     The E-Timer was specifically designed to eliminate the hassle associated with getting the original Model T ignition system to function properly without sacrificing the appearance of originality as distributor conversions do.  It eliminates the special knowledge, skills and expensive tools needed to install, align and maintain the original ignition system.  For example, the E-Timer eliminates the highly critical HCCT coil points alignment, points wear, periodic adjustment, points replacement and condenser replacement yet guarantees a hot spark precisely timed every time without concern of double sparking.  Simple battery operation eliminates all magneto variables and ignition timing restrictions.  There are no timer contacts to adjust, wear out or replace and no more messy timer maintenance every 500 miles. 

                   Production Ends

     The E-Timer has been thoroughly beta tested and has logged well over 40,000 cumulative miles in 7 countries.  User performance feed back has been outstanding with 99% customer satisfaction and no breakdowns reported.  The limited production run has now ended with all goals met or exceeded.  There are no plans for a future production run at this time since it is unclear if sufficient demand remains to warrant a second run. The E-Timer appeals to a small segment of Model T enthusiasts which is itself a rather small market.  
      Support and service will continue to be available, if needed.  We will also continue to monitor reliability and demand. Please e-mail us at: if you would like to be placed on a waiting to buy list to keep track of demand.  Demand is growing!

                           THANK YOU!

     I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all who supported or encouraged E-Timer development especially the pioneering individuals who Beta tested it and everyone who purchased one.  Mike Kossor

                          Onto the ECCT project...


The E-Timer Conversion Kit
: E-Timer, Vane Actuator, Fuse Jumpers and Hardware.
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